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Taif In Saudi Arabia Sets Up Tent Camps For Picnickers

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In 2018, Taif became known as home to Saudi Arabia’s first-ever female guide, a befitting title for a city that has for years been a major religious pilgrimage and tourist destination for people inside and outside the Kingdom. Today, Taif is taking its tourist offerings up a notch by providing picnickers with a safe and comfortable way to enjoy its parks.  

As part of the Saudi Summer Season Festival Tanaffas (which means “breathing” in English), the city has just introduced tents at all its main parks, allowing people to spend the day at a safe distance from one another (in line with COVID-19 preventive measures) and to also spend time outside while still shaded from the summer heat.  


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This initiative also comes as part of efforts by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Tourism to boost domestic tourism in the country given that people are not travelling out of the Kingdom as much due to the current pandemic. According to Okaz, many people have started flocking the city’s parks to enjoy the newly installed tents, which have also proven to be a great low-cost alternative to booking hotel stays and renting residential units.  


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According to the report, the tent camps set up in Al-Hada and Al-Shafa are very popular with locals and visitors alike. These two destinations are already a favorite amongst Saudis all year round due to the great weather, various attractions, theme parks, and calm, natural surroundings. They are also easily accessible by neighboring cities via their charming mountain routes.   

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