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Will Dubai Have Its Very Own Raining Street?

If the Dubai heat is deterring you from stepping out, you might have some respite from it on this street where it rains every day, whilst making it the coolest new hotspot.

The street is being constructed as part of the emirate’s “The World Islands’ Heart Of Europe” project, and “Raining Street” hopes to shower visitors with a very welcome downpour to help minimize the scorching desert heat. 

The street itself has drawn inspiration from an Austrian architect by the name of Camillo Sitte, who once stated that “everything in a city should be within walking distance.” With this in mind, The Kleindienst Group behind “Raining Street” use the “rain” to cool the heat and encourage people to spend more time outside—even if it is with an umbrella!

Josef Kleindienst, Chairman of the Kleindienst Group told The National of the new street, “with the temperature ranging between 40 to 50 degrees Celsius during summer, people are not going to walk outside. Therefore, we need a technology to create an outdoor climate-controlled area.”

Quite the task, the group intends to invite engineers to understand Dubai’s climate and help to construct an impressive system that will detect whenever the temperature rises above 27 degrees on the Dubai island. When this happens, explains Josef Kleindienst, “cold water in the form of rain will fall from top of the buildings through concealed pipes.”

“Raining Street”, which is located on Dubai’s Main Europe Island close to the Marbella Hotel, Portofino Family Hotel and Cote d’Azur Resort, will be a “magical experience” for visitors. The Heart of Europe project has been under construction since 2008, and features 4,000 holiday home, and 15 hotels across 7 islands.

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