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Innovative Bedroom Wall Ideas

Did you know lines and big patterns make rooms look smaller than they are, while in contrast, small patterns make them seem bigger?

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While the bed is the pivotal piece of any bedroom, the wall behind can do a lot to complement it. How is it possible to make this important wall an attractive portrait with simple, innovative and cost-effective touches? The most important thing to take into consideration is finding an idea that’s in harmony with the room’s furniture, noting that what’s suitable for the master bedroom might not be so fitting for children's rooms. The bed’s headboard design, its shape and size, should also be considered in relation to the amount of space available on the wall. 


1. Wood

You can use wood all over the wall or on parts of it, especially if the bed is wooden. One of the most prominent features of wood is that it makes spaces look bigger. What’s more, it’s resilient and easy for sculpting or engraving. 


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2. Plaster or gypsum

Plaster is imposing as a decorative element in the world of decor because it is suitable for all trends, whether contemporary, classic or neo-classic, especially with the way it’s evolving. Plaster can solve construction problems and can hide many interior design flaws. It is available in the form of gypsum boards, which are ready and easy to use in various forms, and combinations of decorative styles can be glued or fitted through a variety of modern techniques. 


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 3. Wallpaper

With so many assorted colours and forms, wallpaper offers lots of options for the wall at the back of the bed. However, be wary with lines and big patterns since they make rooms look smaller than they are. In contrast, small patterns can make a room look bigger. Golden coloured wallpaper reflects lighting beautifully, just like wallpaper made from chamois. 


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1. Adhesive posters

These are economical and will add a touch of elegance.


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2. Mirrors

As well as giving a beautiful touch to any place, mirrors widen spaces and addluxury. Additionally, when lights reflect on them at night, mirrors add a romantic feel to the room, making them an important option.


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3. Curtains

Drapes can be the main background by smoothly hanging down the sides of the bed. Of course, they should be in line with the room’s colour and mood scheme.


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4. Paintings

Works of art can become the most noticeable accessories to fill the wall behind a bed. They also reflect the owner’s taste, adding a personal stamp to the room.


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5. Lighting

Some like the idea of playing with lighting when it comes to this important wall. This can be donethrough choosing different coloured or shaped lamps. Otherwise, lighting may be hidden and focused towards the wall to highlight a particular design.


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