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The Arab Films That Are Going To Cannes This Year

Lebanese Director Jimmy Keyrouz nominated for this year’s festival

Cannes Film Festival may have been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and that leaves us missing la Croisette's iconic red carpet moments but that doesn't mean films are not getting the recognition they deserve. This year, Arab films are making strides within the international film circuits and the renowned French festival is one to notice... Cannes has just released its selection of films that will be featured in its 2020 lineup and four of them are by Arab filmmakers.  

Check out the trailblazing films from the region representing Arab cinema at Cannes!

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Passion Simple

Lebanese director Danielle Arbid’s latest release is one film enthusiasts have been waiting for. The film focuses on the topic of “forbidden love,” as the narrative is based around a married Russian diplomat stationed in Paris and an older woman who’s lives collide in a rare twist of fate. The movie is in French and is based on the 1992 novel by Anne Ernaux.  

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Egyptian film, Souad, has been officially selected by Cannes in the newcomer’s category. Filmmaker, Ayten Amin’s Souad depicts the story of a young girl who goes on a touching journey after her sister takes her own life. Starring well known Egyptian actors, this one is a must see! 

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Broken Keys

Broken Keys is a film written and directed by Lebanese filmmaker, Jimmy Keyrouz. The film’s narrative follows Karim, who is a 20-something year old pianist dreaming of a successful music career in Europe. Living in a town ravaged by war and an extremist group, Karim’s life is made difficult. The story really begins when Karim’s piano is shot at and he embarks on a dangerous journey to repair the broken keys.  

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Maiwenn’s French Algerian film seems to be somewhat closer to home for the filmmaker. AND has been shortlisted for the “The Faithful” category and is an exploration of the director’s own complex family history and roots.  

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