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Saudi Arabia Sanitizes Over 90,000 Mosques Before Their Reopening

Mosques are set to open again on Sunday and to minimize the risk of virus infection, the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs sanitized over 90,000 mosques in the Kingdom, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

The authority is also raising awareness on safety and social distancing measures to abide by in the places of worships. Through a full-fledged media campaign, the Ministry advised the public to perform ablution at home and to sanitize their hands before they step into the mosque.

In a bid to reduce the amount of touched surfaces, the campaign, produced in several languages, recommended that worshippers read electronic copies of the Quran on their phone and bring their own prayer mat as they stick to keeping a 2-meter distance amongst others. Vulnerable people such as the elderly, people with chronic conditions, and children under 15 years old are encouraged to stay home for their own safety.

Under orders from the Minister of Islamic Affairs Abdullatif Al-Sheikh, mosques in Makkah will remain closed for now. After two months of lockdown, the Kingdom is furthering the ease of restrictions. Private sector employees are welcome to the office again and domestic flights will resume operations on Sunday.

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