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The New Lockdown Rules & Fines In The UAE

Following the UAE’s National Sterilization Program announcement, lockdown timings have been extended and new fines announced for those not adhering to quarantine rules. The new rules were implemented starting from 20th of May as part of the country’s sterilization drive, which will take place between 8 P. M to 6 A.M as opposed to previous timings of 10 P.M to 6 A.M.

These rules ask for residents and citizens to remain in their homes unless it is a case of medical emergency. With restricted timings having been extended by 2 hours, public places such as malls have also amended their hours of operation from 9 A.M to 7 P.M and these timings will remain until further notice.

With the announcement of the adjusted timings coming just before the Eid Al Fitr long weekend, it indicates that these rules will have to be observed during that time and with mosques remaining closed, many will have to carry out their Eid prayers from the safety of their homes.

Due to a spike in cases of COVID-19 within the UAE, fines have also increased to deter people from violating the safety measures that the UAE has implemented. The fines were announced at a press conference at which the Acting Head of the Public Prosecution for Emergencies, Salem Al Zaabi stated,

“We have noticed reckless behavior from certain individuals, violating instructions. This has big repercussions. It appears that some people in society are being irresponsible and the insistence of some on not respecting what is requested, thus the public prosecutor has amended the list of fines and penalties.”

The fines are as follows:

• Dh50,000: Fines for those who don’t abide by the closure of schools, gyms, cinemas, parks, cafes, restaurants, pools. Dh50,000 fine also applies to those not abiding by opening and closing times of restaurants, parks, malls, etc.

• Dh10,000: Fines for individuals who have or had Covid-19 and refuse to download app used for Covid-19 tracing

• Dh20,000: Fines for individuals who have or had Covid-19 and try to tamper with tracking device or app installed by authorities

• Dh20,000: Not placing thermal cameras where required

• Having a party or gathering: Dh10,000 for the host, Dh5,000 for each attendee

• In cars, more than three people traveling, no masks: Dh3,000

• Not wearing masks at work, offices: Dh5,000 for company, Dh500 for employee

• Dh3,000: Company failing to maintain a 30 percent limit on the workforce at office

• Not maintaining social distancing at work or other places such as shops or restaurants: Dh3,000 per person involved and Dh5,000 for institutions

• Dh5,000: Shops that operate beyond permitted times

• Dh5,000: Refusing to do a Covid-19 test

• Dh1,000: Refusing to redo a Covid-19 test after two weeks

• Dh3,000: Violating restrictions during the sterilization period

• Private tutors violating current rules: Dh30,000 and Dh20,000 for whoever hosts the tutor

• Moving workers between emirates: Dh10,000 fines for the company and the vehicle will be confiscated.

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