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COVID-19: Saudi Arabia & The WHO Conduct Clinical Trials In The Kingdom

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) have been working together to find a medical solution against the coronavirus pandemic disease. The two powerful entities are conducting advanced clinical studies at hospitals across the Kingdom, according to the the Saudi Press Agency.

A team experts consisting of physicians, pharmacists, and researchers have joined efforts to assess the four remedy protocols that include 'hydroxychloroquinelopinavir/ritonavir remdesivir interferon'.

“Three out of four of these protocols are trials using broad spectrum anti-viral medications previously used to treat various viral infections,” said Dr. Abdullah Asiri, assistant deputy minister for preventive health and an infectious disease consultant. “It is unknown if they (anti-viral drugs) could shorten the recovery period of those infected," he added.

In a recent press conference, Dr Asiri spoke of the various studies, tests, and trials taking part in the Kingdom and this particular one is in partnership with the WHO's global research initiative for COVID-19 treatments. Seven hospital across Saudi Arabia are now undergoing this clinical study, which kicked off weeks ago, to find a number of therapeutic protocols that have proven successful in the first phase of testing in labs or previous studies on volunteers, according to Arab News.

Patients with respiratory infections will join the medical trials in the hospitals to test and identify the medication's efficiency and will then be closely followed up with.  “Duration of the clinical trial may vary depending on the number of patients involved and patients’ response,” Dr. Asiri said. He added that the initial results to be announced within the coming weeks to see if these medications worked as as treatment for COVID-19. Let's hope for the best!

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