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17 Haunting Images of Deserted Cities All Around The World

Here’s to hoping we’ll visit these gems soon again!

With more than a month passing under lockdown, some of our favorite cities have turned into ghost towns as they continue to follow precautionary measures to contain the coronavirus disease. Before the hard-hitting pandemic, these metropoles attracted a massive amount of tourists every year, which led these countless visitors to become a part of their landscape. Seeing these cities we know and love under a different light is strange and yet serves as a reminder that it's a temporary and necessary step to safeguard our health. Take a look at how the “new normal” is settling…

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New York, United States
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Mecca, Saudi Arabia
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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Dubai, UAE
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Sydney, Australia (© Matthew Abbott for The New York Times)
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New York, United States (via New York Times)
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Cairo, Egypt (via Reuters)
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Beirut, Lebanon
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Milan, Italy
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Istanbul, Turkey (Reuters)
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Paris, France (via William Daniels, National Geographic)
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Berlin, Germany (via Reuters)
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Honk Kong, China
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London, United Kingdom (© Greg Dickinson)
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Vatican City, Italy (© Marco di Lauro)
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Barcelona, La Rambla
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Tokyo, Japan (© Genaro Bardy)

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