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Go Back 5000 Years In Egypt With A Single Click

Another virtual travel hack!

Ancient Egypt is a fascinating part of history that never ceases to amaze and you can now visit without moving from your sofa. The Egyptian Tourist Board has just launched a virtual tour of the 5000 year old tomb of Queen Meresankh III, and is just one of the four Egyptian sites you can explore virtually whilst in quarantine.


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The incredible time travelling tours come as part of Harvard University’s Digital Giza Project, and are fully prepared using 3D modeling. The website states that the tours are: “An international collaboration based at Harvard University, the project aims to assemble and provide access to all archaeological records about the most famous site in the world: the Pyramids, surrounding cemeteries, and settlements of Giza.”


Une publication partagée par Live Love Egypt (@livelove.egypt) le

The project has already modeled around 20 tombs in great detail, with a view to remodel and understand many more. The Digital Giza Project looks to preserve history using avant-guarde technology, whilst making it available for people to learn about it in the future too. The free tours not only offer an insight into the 5000 year old tomb of an Egyptian queen, but also include virtual visits to the Ben Ezra synagogue, where Moses was found, and the Coptic Red Monastery.

The tours can be found here: Have fun!

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