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This Instagram Account Features The Homes Of Confined People Around The World

You can submit where you're social distancing too!

Now that we’re all more present online, we stumbled on an awesome new account on Instagram that serves as a repertoire of places people are confined in all around the world.

As we face the unknown, our living spaces hold an incomparable value: not just a shelter, a luxury, or a means of social distancing, our homes represent us now more than ever. In a fast-moving society, the outside world and domestic spaces have reversibly switched roles, silence reigns in the latter, and the former has never been full of life.

This platform is the brainchild of young Lebanese woman Sarah Barakat and it features cozy corners, beds, couches, gardens, studios, and rooms of people practicing self-isolation during this pandemic. How does it work? People submit pictures they’ve consented to share, their name, and their city.

Going though @whereareyoubeingconfined is a strikingly intimate experience; it’s a glimpse at people’s spaces without a protruding invasive gaze. It fosters a simple form of solidarity and symbiosis between people in many cities from Beirut, Paris, Berlin, Tehran, Copenhagen and others. 


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The account's comforting feed has lowkey been giving us that deco inspo we didn't know we needed... So cozy up in your fav spot, follow Where Are You Confined here, and scroll through these homey wonders. 

P.S: This account allowed us to let out an internal scream: “Finally! Not an extravagant house tour or another complaint of being “stuck” in a huge mansion”. 

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