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Arab Female Stars Help Hundreds Of Families In Need During The COVID-19 Pandemic

These benevolent stars are helping families in need during the pandemic.

Female celebrities in the Arab world are showing their kindheartedness by taking part in the “Goodwill Challenge.” The challenge aims to raise awareness about the importance of social distancing, a key requirement to mitigate COVID-19 as the disease wreaks havoc across the world. So far A-listers like Assala Nasri, Kinda Alloush and Bassma Boussel have been involved in the social campaign initiated by the Egyptian non-profit, Resla Charity Organization. After being nominated by like-minded A-listers, these celebrities are supporting hundreds of needy families. With this support, the heads of the families don’t need to leave the house each day to work, which can put themselves and their families at risk.


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Syrian megastar Assala, who is known for songs like Eghdab (Get Angry), Ya mag-noun (Oh Madman), Moshtaa’a (I Miss You) and Hayaaty (My Life) was nominated by Egyptian star Amr Youssef. In an Instagram post, the mother-of-four told her 7.7 million followers she would be helping 100 families. She went on to nominate several people, including her daughter, brother and Saudi Nawaf Al Sharif.


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Kinda, another Syrian star, has also participated in the challenge. The Hama-born actress, who has starred in countless Syrian and Egyptian series and films, also took to Instagram. In her video, she underscored how important it is to encourage those who find it hard to stay at home and to ensure they do. Kinda has adopted 50 families, while Youssef, whom she married in 2016, has taken 100 families under his wing.


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Fellow actress Hind Sabry has also urged people to stay home on the social media site. The Cairo-based beauty said: "Let's all stay home and fight boredom by sharing a cherished childhood picture."


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 The award-winning Tunisian star is known for films and series like Halawat Aldunya (The Sweetness of the World) and Zahrat Halab (The Flower of Aleppo), however she is also a lawyer and model.


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 “Please tag people and motivate everyone around you, whether it’s your friends, families, or simply people who you know would love to help,” Bassma, yet another concerned and philanthropic Arab celebrity said on Instagram. The Moroccan CEO of Bassma Bousssel Cosmetics and Basmsa Boussel Designs has pledged to help 100 families. The fashion designer and entrepreneur is married to Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny, who is helping 400 families.

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