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Why Soap Is The Answer To Perfect Bushy Brows

Who's doing it like our fav Imaan Hammam?

Bushy brows have been all the rage for years now! With some of our favorite style icons sporting bold brows, we're here to tell you it's time to grow it and soap it. All you need to do is to skip browsing thousands of brow products and go au naturel. From brow gels to micro-blading, if you have enough of an eyebrow (naturally), soap and a spoolie are all you need to perfect your bushy brow look, and they stay brushed up for as long as you don’t wash your face!

Here's how to get brushed up brows with a simple bar of soap:

  • First off, do not that for eyebrow grooming, not just any old soap will do we’re afraid! A glycerin, clear soap is the perfect type to keep your brows in place. Glycerin soaps have a lower pH level than most, which also prevents irritation.
    Along with the soap, you’ll need a spoolie and a spritz, such as a setting spray, a toner, or even water.
  • Dampen the spoolie with the toner/water/setting spray, and roll it around on the surface of the soap bar and gather some up. So that the spoolie is tacky and the soap has turned into somewhat of a paste on it.
  • Then, apply it to the brows, brushing them upwards to create your bushy brow. If you have any gaps, you can fill them with your regular brow pencil- and tahdah!

P.S: For those with finer hair, thinner or sparser brows, you can use a pencil to build the brow in emptier areas to make them appear fuller. Those with medium-thick brow hairs will find that using the soap brow technique to keep brows in place, happens to hold thicker hair in place for much longer than brow gels!

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