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6 Fun Volunteer Opportunities In Saudi Arabia

Got free time on your hands? Consider these rewarding volunteer opportunities perfect to give back to your community. Under the goals of the Crown Prince’s Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia offers a plethora of ways to contribute to society. Take notes of these places and don’t hesitate to share with us more opportunities. If you’re a parent, some of these opportunities are excellent for kids and will help them be more conscious of the world around them. Happy volunteering!

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Riyadh Animal Rescue & Shelter

Animal lovers, this one’s for you! The Riyadh Animal Rescue & Shelter welcomes volunteers of all ages to take care of the fur balls at the clinic. The space offers a wide spectrum of diagnostic services including laboratory services, state-of-art digital radiography, and ultrasound in addition to low-cost spaying and neutering/microchipping to known rescue teams and individuals. Your volunteer role at the non-profit will promote animal welfare in society through rescuing, events, social media, adopting, transportation of pets, or fostering. Apply here.

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Saudi ADHD Society

This one of a kind experience invites volunteers in the Kingdom to participate in all sorts of activities to raise awareness on the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and work to improve the lives of individuals living with it. Located in both Jeddah and Riyadh, this non-profit encourages youngsters in Saudi Arabia to sign up and volunteer. The more the merrier!

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Joy of Youth

Ever heard about Joy Of Youth? This non-profit network organises different get-togethers with Saudi youth to renovate houses,  distribute food, and provide necessities to those in need. The journey kickstarted in 2013 and spilled over joy (pun intended) in the cities of Jeddah, Mecca, and even reached the United States. Being a Joy of Youth volunteer means that you’ll give back to the less privileged and get to meet new people. Sign up here.

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John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare

Volunteers at the John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH) participate in the heartwarming mission of helping patients cope with their health. In line with the Saudi Vision 2030 and JHAH's commitment to be an inclusive workplace, the hospital welcomes the skills and talents of all individuals, including persons with disabilities. Depending on your schedule, experience, and age, JHAH offers different opportunities like support groups, technical duties, wellness promotion, and other. It’s worth mentioning that volunteering with JHAH doesn’t necessarily require a background in healthcare or medicine. For more information, click here.

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Al Faisalya Women’s Welfare Society

Al Faisalya center works to implement social, health and rehabilitation programs for low-income families in Jeddah. Volunteer activities can vary from charity events to on-the-ground social activities with individuals in need- either or, the welfare society promises a rewarding volunteer experience. Although its title includes one gender, this non-profit heartily welcomes volunteers of both sexes and they need all the help they can get. Register here.

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Jeddah Autism Center

The aim of the Jeddah Autism center is to help the children living with autism and facilitate their interactions with their own environment. Whether it’s raising awareness, organising educational programs, or having fun with the kids, volunteers will leave with a big fat smile on their faces. Sign up here.

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