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Hermes' New Lipsticks Match The Brand's Iconic Leather Shades

You can now wear the timeless Bois de Rose and Rouge H shades on your lips.

In the luxury world, nothing comes close to Hermes. The French heritage brand took to social media to announce their new 24 shade lipstick collection in both matte and satin finishes. The collection has reportedly taken two years to develop and is inspired by the “soft, powdery finishes” of the leathers that Hermes is famous for.

The lipstick line will be available for purchase from March 2020 across all Hermes stores, and Art Director of the infamous luxury brand’s women’s universe, Bali Barrett spoke about the brand and how the new lipsticks were developed, “Hermès is a school for beauty, and for us, colour is a science and a dizzying, unbridled passion.”

To choose the shades, developers had “an extraordinary and almost limitless palette of 75,000 colours” from Hermes’s archived silk swatches from which 17 shades were selected to create  the new beauty products.


Une publication partagée par Le temps suspendu (@hermestory) le

Some of the shades we know of are Bois de Rose and Rouge H, which has been synonymous with the label since 1925. Consumers can also expect a lip shine, balm and a “universal” lip brush and pencil from the new line along with accessories to match in the shape of a moon-shaped hand mirror which is also a necklace and leather lipstick cases.


Une publication partagée par Le temps suspendu (@hermestory) le

The lipstick packaging and casing are just as luxurious as any of us would imagine! The lipsticks come in a colourful refillable casing made from metal hardware and permabrass, the same material used on Hermes’s infamous handbags. Taking into account sustainability and practicality, the products use zero plastic and are made with natural ingredients.

Following the release of Hermes’s long awaited lipsticks, rumors have circulated that blushers, shadows and foundation are set to follow... * happy dance *

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