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10 Amazing Things About Aiysha Hart You Probably Didn't Know

Saudi British actress Aiysha Hart is a Hollywood force to be reckoned with.

Saudi British actress Aiysha Hart is a Hollywood force to be reckoned with. Looks, style, and social awareness, this leading woman has it all! We hope 2020 will bring even more success (and red carpets) to this talented Arab woman. We’ve rounded up our favorite posts from Aiysha’s Instagram along with some interesting facts on the actress and her speedy rise to fame.

1. She’s a part-time vampire


Une publication partagée par ADiscoveryOfWitchesTV (@adiscoveryofwitchestv) le

Aiysha plays a feisty vampire and an Oxford scholar in Discovery Of Witches, which BTW just got renewed for Season 2.

2. This female powerhouse considers herself an intersectional feminist


Une publication partagée par Aiysha (@aiysha_hart) le


Une publication partagée par Aiysha (@aiysha_hart) le

The Brit-Saudi actress is fully aware of the responsibilities that come with being in the public eye and speaks about being a role model in a social media world, “By virtue of being a female in the job that I am in, you automatically become a role model in some way, whether you choose that or not. I’m careful of the things I advocate and the message I put out there. I hope I can offer young women something beyond the aesthetic and demonstrate that power comes from a realm outside of the patriarchal gaze. I’d rather offer something relatable than something unattainable,” she told Vogue Arabia.

3. She speaks Arabic fluently


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Born to a Saudi father and British mother, Aiysha embraces her multiculturalism. With that in mind, would love to see her in an Arabic movie or series.

4. Aiysha is in love with the Kingdom


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She fondly remembers her carefree, formative years in Riyadh. Visiting family, the colourful sunsets, that magical time at dusk, and hearing the call to prayer are some of the things she likes the most about the Kingdom.

5. She's Haifa Al Mansour’s bigger fan


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I mean how could you not be? We can’t wait for a collaboration. The actress salutes the fellow Saudi director for inspiring other creative women in the region. 

6. She’s an english lit major


Une publication partagée par Aiysha (@aiysha_hart) le

Yup, and from the prestigious King’s College London.

7. The Hollywood actress first ventured into acting as a way of coping with the feeling of not belonging


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Racism and cultural misrepresentation are other important topics for Hart, who also had postgraduate drama training. With an English mother who hails from Liverpool and a Saudi father, the woke actress knows what it feels like not to really fit in. When her parents moved back to England when she was three, the other students at her school in Surrey made it hard for her to feel like she belonged. Thankfully, she was introduced to acting, which served as a kind of release and really helped her blossom. Finding something she was good at was the boost she needed while struggling with academia and self-confidence.

8. The actress is elated about all the positive changes for women in the Kingdom and in the region.


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Speaking of her Saudi Arabian heritage, the young actress is positive about the reforms being made in the kingdom and even more so as a feminist, especially about the country’s Vision 2030 plan coming to life, women’s rights and the growth of its entertainment industry,

9. She started off as a regional star first


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Before conquering Hollywood’s big and small screen, the talented star started off with a role in Emirati horror production Djinn along with seven years of TV, film and theatre roles.

10. Aiysha is an avid dog lover


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Last but not least, she always struck us as a dog person TBH. 

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