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Dubai’s Scoopi Café Adds the Midas Touch to Its Menu with 2 New Edible Gold Creations

The new Gold Menu offerings by the café that is always one surprising step ahead are crafted to perfection…

Dubai has become world-renowned for its skyscrapers and lavish lifestyle. And as one of the most luxury-centred cities in the Middle East, it’s the home of unceasing new fancy culinary surprises, to the delight of many foodies. And some of the most recent come from Scoopi Café, which has welcomed the new decade with a bang and a bit of glam via their novel edible gold-infused creations.

The café on Jumeirah Beach Road, known for its fresh and wacky desserts, has unveiled an Edible Gold Ice Cream Burger. The burger, which is 100 percent handmade, can be created with any flavour and is topped with white and dark chocolate sauce. The pièce de résistance is the 24-carat edible gold leaf, which gives that added luxe appeal. The three-tier bun creation features two flavours of ice cream sandwiched in between and made fresh to order. As well as creating their own ice cream recipes, Scoopi Café makes the cold treat extra special by using liquid nitrogen, which freezes it at an extremely low temperature, resulting in a creamier and smoother texture.

For those who enjoy a little extravaganza with their coffee, the family owned and operated café is serving the Scoopi Golden Latte. The hot, freshly brewed caffeinated drink is topped with edible gold flakes, the perfect blend for an instant refresher or pick-me-up.

The must-try options are also available in the newly launched store in Ras Al Khaimah.

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