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The First Nike Modest Swimwear Range Strives To Get More Women Enjoying Water-Based Activities

Whether you want to dive into a pool, body-surf a breaking wave or power down a lane, Nike’s new modest swimwear range is designed to work as a conduit rather than a barrier…

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of connecting with water. Whether it’s that freedom that comes with feeling weightless, the meditative aspect or the overall body fluidity, there’s so much to be said about being around a rippling surface. And in a bid to ensure everyone can benefit from aquatic sports, Nike is launching its first-ever modest swimwear collection, available from February 1.

The spanking new Nike Victory Swim range includes the brand’s first hijab for swimmers. The Nike Victory Swim Hijab, which features an integrated mesh pocket that holds hair in place while women are underwater, follows the success of the Nike Pro Hijab loved by athletes. Additionally, the collection that brings performance innovation to modest swimwear includes the Nike Victory Full-Coverage Swimsuit and two seperates, the Nike Victory Swim Tunic Top and the Nike Victory Swim Leggings. As well as enabling speed and agility without excessively clinging to the body, the pieces from the collection are created from warp-knit fabric, making them lightweight, breathable and quick-drying. Plus, other details that help make the collection unique include the UPF 40+ for head-to-toe sun protection and the swimsuit and tunic having a built-in sports bra with perforated cups.

Nike, working to cater to athletes of all backgrounds, body types, abilities and aspirations, says there was a gap and lack of options in apparel for water sports for women who didn’t want to have to choose between modesty and ease of movement. “Existing products were lacking in either coverage or functionality, athletes shared, leaving them feeling weighted down by baggy garments, battling drag instead of striving toward personal bests or worrying about whether their hijabs and coverings would remain in place,” according to a statement from the brand.

Here’s what some of the athletes and hijabis Nike drew inspiration from have to say about the Nike Victory Swim collection.

Zahra Lari
“I feel super light and confident in this,” Zahra Lari, the Emirati figure skater who was the first in her sport to don the hijab in competition, says.  “It doesn’t weigh you down, and it helped me swim better. It’s so different than any of the swimsuits I’ve ever seen, and I know I can wear this confidently,” Lari, who swims regularly for supplemental aerobic training and recovery sessions, adds.

Nouf Alosaimi
“Most of the girls I meet are reluctant to swim or scuba dive because of their modesty preferences and they find it difficult finding the right modest solution, Nouf Alosaimi, Saudi Arabia’s first female technical diver, says. “I believe this suit will cater for many of the women who wish to perform water sports without any reservations as its truly serves the purpose of modesty as the fit is loose. Now, I can invite more girls into diving and swimming as they will be able to enjoy the sport without any concerns.”

Ikram Abdi Omar
“The built-in sports bra is a perfect fit. Everything is simple, quick and effective. Just throw it on and hop in the pool. There’s not much to it,” British model Ikram Abdi Omar, who swims recreationally, says.

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