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Saudi Arabia's KAEC Winter "World of Moments" Festival Is Running Until February

Over the last two years, Saudi Arabians have witnessed an unprecedented increase in entertainment and cultural options to choose from, from music festivals, to sporting competitions, blockbuster films to museums. This month, another major event has been announced, promising to offer a wide range of programs for all: The World of Moments Festival by King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC).

Scheduled to run until the 22nd of February, 2020, World of Moments Festival is reported to be part of a wide-ranging program by the megacity aimed at developing tourism, entertainment and investment. This is not the first time this year KAEC has made headlines. Indeed, the start of the year saw Songbird Supreme Mariah Carey performing in concert on January 31 as part of the first international golf tournament held in the Kingdom, which took place in the megacity. Carey was supported by DJ Tiesto, and world-renowned dancehall singer Sean Paul took the stage the day after her performance.

According to Arab News, the upcoming winter festival at KAEC will include outdoor family sessions, various shows, music, and a range of activities, all hosted at the city’s Beach Boulevard Zone and Marina Canal Zone, while KAEC’s Bay La Sun District will host a number of sports events for kids, and its Arts Zone and Lagoon Zone will offer other fun activities such as “camping, horseback riding on the beach and desert buggy adventures.”

Speaking on the upcoming landmark event, KAEC’s chief executive officer, Ahmed bin Ibrahim Linjawy was quoted by Saudi Press Agency as saying that “KAEC is an attractive investment tourist destination on the coast of the Red Sea. This made it one of the economic pillars supporting the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 due to its effective contribution to quality of life and tourism, entertainment and investment development programs.”

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