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Jacquie Aiche Muse Shanina Shaik is the Face of the ‘Ja Holiday 2019’ Collection

The part-Saudi, who is one of the hottest names in the modelling industry, is the star of the collection that keeps the mind, body and soul energised and grounded.

Fine jewellery designer to the stars Jacquie Aiche has created a new festive collection, called JA Holiday 2019, which harks to her lifelong fascination with the healing power of stones. And as a longtime Jacquie Aiche muse, Shanina Shaik, the Australian beauty with Saudi, Pakistani and Lithuanian roots, is the face of the collection. The model of the moment looks breathtaking in the pieces created as a guide for the JA Tribe, to help focus on areas within that need a little extra love, as the holidays approach.

Aiche is known for favouring a rainbow of precious stones for her handmade pieces, which are designed and handcrafted in her Los Angeles studio, and the newest collection certainly isn’t an exception. It features an array of exquisite bold gemstones and each is connected to one of the seven chakras of the subtle body, keeping the mind, body and soul energised and grounded. “I’ll always love designing jewellery that makes women feel beautiful, but this collection is about so much more than beauty, it is about self-love and personal healing,” Aiche, who first launched the brand over a decade ago, said.

Aiche, celebrated for her luxe, hippie-like pieces that include touches that are odes to her Native American and Egyptian roots, is a big believer in the power of healing and self-care. And she created the collection because “it is important to understand the seven chakras, as this can help one sync with their body’s natural energy.”

Chakra, loosely translated to “wheel”, refers to the energy centres within, that affect our overall wellbeing. Aiche describes the human body as a spinning wheel, with seven centres, starting from the base of the spine all the way up to the top of the head. “When all seven of our chakras are open and balanced, life feels blissful and beautiful and energy flows freely throughout the body,” the designer said. “However, if for some reason a chakra is closed, overactive or underactive, we feel the tension in the parts of our body and consciousness connected to that chakra.”

Root (red)
The Root or Muladhara is known as the grounding chakra, which connects your energy with the earth. Located at the base of the spine up to just below the belly button, the root chakra focuses on your emotional security and survival.

Sacral (orange)
Sacral or Svadhishana, which loosely translates to “place of self” deals with a person’s identity and creativity. This chakra sits right below the belly button, extending to its centre and helps you enjoy all things that nourish the soul.

Solar Plexus (yellow)
The Solar Plexus or Manipura, meaning “lustrous gem”, is the source of your individual power and self-confidence. Starting at the centre of the belly button and going up to breastbone, this chakra focuses on your willpower, decisiveness and wisdom.

Heart (green)
According to Chopra Centre, the Heart or Anahata, found at the centre of your chest radiating up to your throat (right over your heart) is where the physical and spiritual meet. With this chakra, you are able to love yourself and others.

Throat (blue)
Throat or Vishuddha is the source of your communication. Starting right between the collarbone, this chakra travels down to the centre of your heart and up to the centre of your eyes, helping you voice your personal truths.

Third Eye (indigo)
The Third Eye or Anja chakra is your intuition. Located right between the eyebrows, it focuses on your psychic energy and perception, allowing you see past illusions, giving you a clear picture.

Crown (violet)
The Crown or Sahawara, which means the “thousand petal lotus”, is the core of human enlightenment and the spiritual connection to a higher power, being etc. This chakra, located at the crown of your head, helps to create a deeper sense of awareness to the larger universe around you.

The collection is available in Kuwait City's Aubade jewellery boutique.


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