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The ‘Abwaab’ Collection from Sadeem: The Saudi Brand Making Luxury Ethical

The Saudi-inspired looks are for intellectual, spirited and ambitious women.


Designer Aljawharah (Sadeem) Alshehail’s fourth collection, Abwaab (Doors) is inspired by her native Saudi Arabia. The collection by the young designer behind pret-a-couture fashion brand Sadeem is all about moving forward in search of new opportunities and beginnings whilst proudly staying connected to the past. And the minimal yet defined looks, which were showcased during Fashion Forward Dubai in October, are perfectly in line with the label’s eco-conscious identity.


While the collection is modern, as usual there’s a union with Arab heritage and it features three statement colours, black, white and Sadeem’s signature deep red. “The lines and colours are a reflection of my roots and aspirations for a bright and empowered future,” Alshehail, who grew up in Riyadh, says in her collection notes. She also claims the designs are “a contemporary take on the motifs found in the native folklore, architecture and jewellery.” The pieces, made between New York’s garment district, Dubai Design District and Alshehail’s studio in Riyadh, feature elegant silhouettes, geometrical shapes and triangles, which reflect the design aesthetic of the kingdom’s culture.

As well as shapes and clean lines that complement the figure, there are carefully selected fabrics that make movement easy. As Sadeem is a sustainable brand with luxury at the core, silk is mostly favoured as it is a plush, natural, durable and biodegradable fabric. And like all Sadeem pieces, the eco-friendly materials come with high-quality tailoring,

About Sadeem
Sadeem’s timeless, versatile high-end pieces, which come with details like colour blocking, cut-out appliqué and embroidery work, are made for the sophisticated, elegant and confident woman. As Founder Sadeem Alshehail does not believe in following trends or seasons, the line is centred on creating non-seasonal, collectible clothing, which can be customised.

As well as a focus on attention to detail, quality and luxury, Alshehail launched Sadeem with a steady emphasis on ethical fashion. In addition to working with textile mills that use eco-friendly printing and dying, the designer uses fabrics that are non-toxic and sourced from companies that employ sustainable practices.

Images courtesy of Fashion Forward Dubai

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