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The Pearl Nail Art Trend Makes Us Want To Book Our Next Mani ASAP

Do you prefer a subtle stand-alone detail or something that’s stacked and layered that demands attention?

Classic, elegant and not too gaudy, pearls add a cool, sometimes unexpected, accent. And fashion-forward A-listers like Gigi Hadid and Zendaya have recently been giving the lustrous gemstones an edgier and hipper status. The pearl nail art trend and must-have pearl hair clips and headbands mean the symbols of beauty and purity are having a major moment in the beauty sphere too.



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Scrolling through Instagram, it’s impossible not to come across some gorgeous pearl manis and notice how they can bring a pretty twist to a look. Usually worn with bare, nude or pale pink nails, as bright colours can distract from the pearls themselves, dainty pearl embellishments can be just the addition you’re looking for when contemplating a standout manicure with a 3D element.

The great news is incorporating the best-loved gems of all time into your manicure is surprisingly versatile. If you’re gunning for an everyday minimalist and understated look, you can simply add a single small stone near the base of your nails. Other effortless pearl mani looks include adding some pearls to a colour-blocked or French look, opting for several different coloured tiny pearls or just randomly placing a couple of pearls here and there.

Then there’s always the option of going full-on glam with gem-encrusted nails. There are countless ways to increase the glitz factor, whether it’s covering your cuticles with a string of pearls, adding some sparkling diamonds to the mix or combining different-sized pearls. You can even experiment with pearl nail art by placing some stones along the sides of your fingers instead. And if you’re thinking of upping the ante with a pearl mani during the festive season, you can try using a red nail polish and/or adding gold studs. 

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