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Amy Gattas on All Things Fine Jewelry and Heritage

Paris-based, Lebanese-Colombian fine jewelry designer, Amy Gattas fuses her dual heritage with contemporary design. She splits her time between the French capital, and her home countries of Colombia and Lebanon, taking in all of the inspirations that form her work. With a passion for the art of Colombian filigree, Amy thrives to keep the traditional artisanal and complex craft alive in her creations and looks to the future to maintain it.

The designer had first discovered Colombian filigree when she came across local goldsmiths who work with fine wire made from precious metals, which now forms a major part of her signature creations.Using the traditional Colombian technique and raw gem stones, Gattas’ heritage is a constant and primal inspiration to her.

Her jewelry sported by the likes of Balqees Fathi and Nancy Ajram, caught up with the designer herself, Amy Gattas, to talk about her eponymous label and why it’s so unique.

Tell us a little about Amy Gattas the brand. Where did it all begin for you?
When I finished ESMOD in Paris, I specialized in accessories and realized that my vocation was jewelry. I discovered an art that is constantly changing and is able to reinvent itself through history. So I spent two years studying the art of jewelry at AFEDAP where I learned jewelry making. France has helped increase my passion for jewelry and has given me wings to start studying this craft.

Amy Gattas Santa Marta Double Hooped Earrings 1,220AED

You look to heritage and culture to form your aesthetic and collection. Tell us about your heritage and what inspires you about it.
A mixture of tradition, heritage and nature! It’s a mixture between the Arabs and the Indigenous art that is constantly being influenced by the contemporary world.

Being part Colombian and Lebanese, how has your heritage influenced what you do?
Colombia and Lebanon are my heritage. I live in the contrast between city and mountains, between order and chaos, between East and West. In Paris, these worlds come together and blend in my journal and designs. My jewelry is a fusion of my different backgrounds, but is also a clear depiction of who I am. I am a citizen of contrasting countries, who experiences emotions of joy and despair in finding myself.

Who would you say is the Amy Gattas woman?
A woman that loves contemporary jewelry with the ancient handcrafted techniques.A woman that values true craftsmanship.

As an inspiring female Arab entrepreneur, who are/have been the women that inspire you?
Victoire de Castellane: “Je me demande toujours quelle est l’histoire d’un bijou.” She always keeps in mind the history of jewelry. She taught me that designing jewelry is a form of self-expression.

Amy Gattas Muzo LeavesStud Earrings 1,075AED

Building a brand is no easy feat, what challenges have you faced in establishing your jewelry label?
I faced a lot of difficulties because the entire business process was new to me and I had to learn everything on my own.

What do you to overcome those challenges?
I had to learn to delegate tasks which was the most difficult for me, because I like to be in control of everything.

What empowers you and how do you use your brand to empower others?
At this point in time, I want to use this brand to empower the craftsmen that work with me. Their art is so precious and valuable that I want to share it with the rest of the world.

What do you see for the future of Amy Gattas Bijoux?
I want this brand to by a legacy for generations to come. To keep craftsmen work alive through the mixture of East and West. My dream is for this brand to educate others on the importance of artisan work that can’t replace by machines. Also, one day for my daughters to be able to love hand-made art the way I do.

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