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An International Award for Culture with 5 Trailblazing Female Arab Nominees

The Arab British Centre’s Award for Culture’s shortlist this year highlights the work of four major organizations and 5 Arab women who are making waves around the world. The Arab British Centre is a nonprofit organization in London and looks to increase awareness and understanding surrounding Arab culture and the Arab communities via cultural events and more.

This year the organization will be hosting their 7th edition of the Arab British Centre Award for Culture, and have lauded the people and organizations who are playing engaging roles in highlighting modern Arab culture in the west. The shortlist of people who are being nominated for the award has been curated by previous winners of the award and leading figures within the Arab arts scene. For the first time, this year’s nominees are all women.

Five women have been shortlisted and they are:

1- Juliana Yazbeck, musician


2- Omeima Mudawi Rowlings, print artist


3- Esther Manito, comedian​


4- Samar Ziadat, curator​


5- Nadine Kaadan, author and illustrator

Every single of the nominees have been groundbreaking as they have managed to use their work to engage non-Arab audiences when addressing Anglo-Arab identity whilst encouraging inclusivity. Amongst them are four organizations who draw attention to contemporary Arab culture and the arts, including Yemeni theatre and Lebanese hip hop. The organizations are, charity The Barakat Trust, Sarha Collective, publisher Comma Press and events producer MARSM.

On 26th September, the winners will be announced and will be awarded a prize of £2,500 at the awards ceremony in London.

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