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The Secrets To Getting Perfect Flushed Cheeks

Blusher can transform your look, taking you from worn-out to beaming in the sweep of a brush. And there’s a whole wide world of blushers out there, which is well, yes, confusing. If you’re wondering about what suits you best, here’s a fail-safe guide through all the colours in the blusher and bronzer spectrum. What’s more, you’ll find some great application tips for an easy, natural flush, which can be challenging even for the professionals.

Red and Pink

When applying red and pink blusher, take into account how thin or thick the skin is. It is best to choose matte colours, ranging from shades of soft to deep red and pink. Before you apply foundation, rub some creamy blusher on the cheeks to give freshness and life to your skin. And when it comes to putting on the main blusher, use red on the apples of your cheeks.

Peach, Orange and Coral

When choosing a blusher in these colours, application should be on the top of the apples of your cheeks to get a crisp, tanned look. These hues bring warmth to your look, in addition to refreshing vitality. Our advice is when you’re putting on some deep orange blusher, use a bronzer as well to enhance your tanned look.

Brown, Tan and Dark Grey

Increase the effectiveness of these blushers by applying some under the apples of your cheeks. They are used to create the illusion of a thinner face, correct errors or even establish a natural balance in facial features.


Bronzers are the most widely used by women as they give a simple, natural look. Spread some on the highest point of the apples of your cheeks, forehead and in the middle of the nose and chin. Women with red or pink skin should choose a reddish bronzer as it suits their skin perfectly and improves their natural tan. A yellow bronzer is the best for giving your face a tanned look, regardless of the colour of your skin.


Highlighters are great for obtaining youthful, fresh skin and lightening up the face while highlighting specific features. What’s more, they simulate the impact of a longer face. Use a highlighter that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone over all the areas of your face you would like to highlight.

Powder or Creamy?

Here’s a rundown to whether powder or creamy blushers are best for you, and how the results are different for each one.

This kind of blusher is suitable for women with oily skin, because a cream one might contain oils that aren’t suitable for their skin and might cause pimples. When you’re spreading powder blusher, dust the excess powder off the brush before application and then apply, starting along the hairline towards the cheeks. This method ensures the blusher will not accumulate in the middle of your face and will facilitate powder mixing.

A creamy blusher is the easiest type when it comes to blending with your skin. It will give you a dewy look and moistens your skin, especially in the summer because it resists heat more than powder blush. This formula is also available in gel form, which is very effective for oily skin because it gives you beautiful colours that will not fade because of your skin’s oils. When applied to the face, it must be blended on the spot because creamy formulas settle on the face as soon as they are used.

Tips for applying blusher and bronzer:

  1. If your skin is dry, replace powder with a creamy formula. Choose one with oils to moisturise your skin and give it luminosity.
  2. Use a small, fluffy brush to mix cream or liquid blusher on your face.
  3. Remember to apply your highlighter in a natural light and blend the edges with the flat tip of the brush.
  4. When applying bronzer for a night out, suck your cheeks in and apply it on the bottom of the apples of your cheeks.
  5. Use an angled brush or one that is fan-shaped because it will give you the perfect flawless look.
  6. Women with a light skin colour and a pink hue should choose a pink blusher with blue and subtle peachy sparkles.
  7. If you have pale skin, opt for a soft, translucent matte blusher.
  8. Women with a warm skin should go for a peachy blusher with a golden shimmer, which adds softness to their looks.
  9. Dark skinned women should choose brownish or reddish blushers.

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