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This New Summer Fragrance Pays Tribute to Taif, Saudi’s Beloved Rose Garden

Make this limed edition rose fragrance your signature perfume this summer to stand out from the crowd.

Balmy summer days call for a light, uplifting, crisp and refreshing take on perfume. So as you're choosing those statement-making sandals and shimmying into your favourite sundress, you might want to consider spritzing on a special, airy new floral scent to wear on your escapade too. Enter the limited edition perfume ‘An Evening in Taief’ by Henry Jacques.

The scent was one of the late Sheikh Zayed’s most loved and only 100 flacons of  ‘An Evening in Taief,’ which was a part of the late leader’s personal collections, are being produced by the French haute parfumerie. With a refined and gently spiced opening of Pepper and Rose Damascenia (Damask Rose), ‘An Evening in Taief’ is aptly named after the beautiful area in Saudi Arabia, where one of the most powerful and alluring roses originated. A charming heart of Honey, Cassie and Vanilla follows the scent of rose, which has played a huge role in great perfumery in Middle Eastern culture for centuries. Jasmine and Amber then form a subtle oriental trail, giving a final touch to this delightfully balanced blend.

Like all Henry Jacques perfumes, this new one, which is available at the Henry Jacques boutique in The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue extension, is housed in a hand-crafted crystal flacon, made to the highest levels of French craftmanship.

Did you know?
Located in the western Hijaz highlands, over 1,800 metres above sea level on the Sarawat Mountains, Taif has an exceptional climate, plentiful groundwater, well-established irrigation systems and good topsoil that make it perfect for growing roses. Some 2000 farms grow millions of roses only from one species, the oil-rich 30-petal Damask Rose, which was brought to the region by Ottoman occupiers three centuries ago. The bright and light pink flowers, which turn Taif into a pink flowering carpet every year, have yellow hearts that spread a heady fragrance. They are used to produce essential rose oil as well as popular rose water.

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