Luxury on the Thames: Check Out This Stunning Houseboat

A stunning houseboat is docked on the River Thames in London, and it’s currently on the market for $2.23m USD. The Chelsea Yacht and Boat Company designed the two-bedroom luxury floating home, called Walter Greaves. Its design boasts of a contemporary open-plan, and looks like an upscale downtown penthouse.

The lower deck has two gorgeously- decorated bedrooms and a quaint little study.

The upstairs deck is where the open-plan living area is. It includes a drawing room, a dining room and a utility room.

To keep the residents warm, the boathouse has under-floor heating and to keep them entertained, a broadband-ready computer network is installed.

The face of the boat is a stunning decked dining area looking out onto the river.

The house is named after Walter Greaves, a local artist from Chelsea. The owners sought to create a piece of art floating penthouse and they've obviously  succeeded.

And the cherry on top of it all is that the marina is incredibly secure with a vibrant community amongst the houseboat owners, and, of course, the views are incomparable, too, making it a true rarity.

Who’s ready to splurge on this beauty?

All images are courtesy of REX/Shutterstock.

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