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What do Donald Trump, Roller Skating and KSA Women have in Common? This Video.

More than 3 million people watched a music video featuring niqab-clad women singing, “May men go extinct as they’ve given us mental illness,” but not everyone is happy about it.
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The video was uploaded to YouTube by Saudi video production company 8ies Studios on Dec. 23. On its website, 8ies Studios says, “we believe that there are no limits for anything you can do.” Their video is a clear display of that belief, but some people disagree. The video has spread controversy in KSA and has raised mixed feelings on social media.

In the video, women in niqabs take the backseat of a car, while a young boy is in the driver’s seat. The women also bowl, play basketball, and rollerblade on the street in bright shoes and patterned dresses. A puppet of US President-elect Donald Trump even makes an appearance – he’ll probably tweet about the video any moment now.

The song, called “Hwages” (loosely translated to “Concerns” in English), aims to point towards Saudi driving laws and gender inequality, while opposing traditional roles and images of Saudi women. The song was inspired by a viral 2014 video that used the same lyrics.

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