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Saudi Princess Highlights Saudi Style and Designers

Princess Noura Bint Faisal Al Saud

Last week, Princess Noura bint Faisal Al Saud hosted a private all-women trunk show at a high end Japanese restaurant in Riyadh. The event was a style showcase in which local and international designers turned Nozomi into a mini runway to show their latest collections. Founder of Global Fashion House, Princess Noura’s vision to enable Saudi designers to emerge was realized at the private and exclusive trunk show.

The fashion soiree served attendees with music, drinks and sushi whilst five emerging Saudi designers opened the show. Storming the runway first with her designs was Shams, with standout pieces including a floor-length black chiffon dress that was short at the front and hit the floor with a meter-long train in the back, buckled securely by a red chiffon belt with a large flower at the back. Khawla Al Harbi followed with a predominantly white collection, finishing with a showstopper gown sporting large silver fish scale details. Also showcasing an all-white collection was Saja Yousef whose designs included modest monotone dresses and jackets. Not only did Yousef present her clothing designs, but also a collection of bags, which were also modelled on the runway.

The fashion extravaganza attendees were delighted by the event and the emerging Saudi designers who, they believed, have the potential to become well-known internationally. The designers and models were not the only ones well adorned – the guests were also highly fashionable and arrived in “exquisite abayas of different colors and designs”, as reported by Arab News.


Victoria-white fur LUM Fall/Winter 2017 Highlight from @lum_bylamataher #gfh #sfw #trunkshow #fashion #lifestyle #luxury #event

Une publication partagée par Saudi Fashion Week ( le

Other Saudi designers presenting their collections were well known names such as Lum by Lama Taher, RE:UNITE, Hindamme and Mashael Al Rajhi, who all showcased distinct designs relative to their signature styles.

The final shows were by international designers, Lama Askari and Tony Miranda. Askari spoke to press about her presentation of stunning pastel ball gowns, “The inspiration behind the collection was the butterfly effect, the transformation from the caterpillar to the butterfly. Most of the colors I used had two to three combinations, even in the embroideries. Because butterflies inspired me, I tried to stick to the color scheme I found in real butterflies.”


Silk Crepe Kaftan Ramadan Collection 2018 Highlight from @lama_askari #gfh #sfw #trunkshow

Une publication partagée par Saudi Fashion Week ( le

Speaking to Arab News about the success of the fashion event, Princess Noura bint Faisal Al Saud said, “The attendance was more than we expected. We were getting last-minute calls to attend (the show was private and by invitation only). Everyone was so positive, in a good mood and very proud to show their work. I am proud of these Saudi designers. Everyone was so stunned by their work. It was exciting and hectic.” Following the end of the show, many of the guests asked to meet the emerging local designers to buy their designs.

The Princess was asked who her favorite of the emerging designers was to which she replied, “Each one of them has their own style. Whatever is inside them came out today, I saw it. The event was better than I expected. I want aspiring or emerging designers to come out and show what they really are.”

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