A Hollywood Star is Born: A Retrospect of Lady Gaga’s Boldest Costumes Over the Last Decade

Lady Gaga has a new movie coming out called “A Star is Born” and in it she gets to play a singer. That part isn’t surprising as such and neither is the fact that her performance is getting rave reviews, so much so that there’s already chatter about an Oscar campaign.

But what is surprising is that Lady Gaga transformed herself once more so thoroughly for this role to the point where she’s nearly recognizable. Her portrayal of a newcomer to the music scene in jeans and a t-shirt is a far cry from the costumes we’ve come to see from the record-breaking singer and musician over the past decade. So on the occasion of her newest transformation, let’s take a look back at some of Lady Gaga’s more outrageous costumes:


This Star is Born: One of the earliest versions of the Lady Gaga persona comes onto the scene, with a snooty look, dark sunglasses, David Bowie makeup, and strikingly platinum blonde hair.


The transformation begins: Lady Gaga debuts her hair-bow look on the TV show “Good Day New York” the week following the release of her “Poker Face” video. At this point, most of her costumes are still handmade.


Gaga goes to Germany and wears a stalagmite encrusted dresses.


Is she wearing a bunch of stuffed animals? Yep, she it. When ased asked about this piece Gaga said, “The Kermit the Frog outfit is by an incredible designer by the name of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, and he does a lot of museum art fashion pieces. I really loved this one in particular because I thought it was commentary on not wearing fur, ’cause I hate fur and I don’t wear fur.”


Gaga hit her first VMAs red carpet in a corseted black lace dress by Jean Paul Gaultier and paired it with accessorized with a gold mask and neck brace by Keko Hainswheeler, in a look that neatly fused her interests in vintage bodily constriction and modern metallics. (And PS, by this time Gaga and Kermit the Frog were friends again and he accompanied her to the event. 


The cut is classic Edwardian, but the material is decidedly not. This costume was worn when the singer met the Queen of England, and it is made out of bright red latex. Note the color-coordinated crystal encrusted eye makeup.


Lady Gaga accepts the award for "Best New Artist" during the 2009 MTV Video Music in a Red Queen-inspired costume consisting of a sheer lace dress from Alexander McQueen and a matching mask that entirely covered her face, all topped with a spiky red crown.


Lady Gaga attends the Grammy Awards wearing custom Armani Prive and a matching, hand-held sculpture.


At the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga wears a dress, hat, purse and shoes made of raw beefsteak, a look, which is now commonly referred to as the “meat dress.” It was designed by Franc Fernandez and styled by Nicola Formichetti, and although the dress was condemned by animal rights groups, Time Magazine also named it the top fashion statement of 2010. It went on to be exhibited in the museum of the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”


Gaga was carried down the red carpet at the Grammy Awards in a giant plastic egg and she later, well, “hatched” from said egg on stage during her stage performance of her hit single “Born This Way.”


Lady Gaga went to Japan to promote her new album “Artpop.”


Full blown glam: Lady Gaga dressed up in homage to David Bowie for the 58th Grammy Awards, where she performed a tribute to the late performer.

And now, in 2018, we’re about to see Lady Gaga in anther massive transformation, from a crazy-successful recording artist to an authentic Hollywood movie star. And you bet that her latest visual transformation is surprising too, but not for the same reasons as any of the looks above. For this role, Lady Gaga turns into the girl-next-door in the most casual look we’ve seen her in to date.

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