Stop Everything and Watch this Grandma Turn Her Village Into a Vibrant Art Space

Anežka’s art features traditional Moravian floral motifs in bold ultramarine blue.

Age really is just a number and it’s definitely never too late to embrace your creativity, as Anežka (Agnes) Kasparkova has been demonstrating in her own gorgeously colourful way.

Since she retired about 30 years ago, the 91-year-old Czech artist has made it a mission to beautify her neighbours’ surroundings. In fact, she has made her small village, Louka, one of the country’s most beautiful spots.

Every spring and summer, the former agriculture worker has been spending her free time doing what she enjoys the most, hand painting intricate floral patterns on windows and doorframes.  Anežka’s striking work, which features vibrant blue ultramarine paint, is inspired by the traditional artwork in southern Moravia, the region she is from. The bold blues work superbly in contrast with the whitewashed walls of the houses. Her lovely style, although slightly simpler, is evocative of the beautiful house paintings with flower garlands that can be found in Poland’s Zalipie.

Other village women passed down the tradition to the adorable grandma, or babička as she would be called in her language. “I’m just doing what I like,” she has said about her impressive street art. “I try to help decorate the world a bit.”

Despite her ageing frail hands and the fact that the work is mostly outdoors, she patiently and painstakingly works on the intricate floral motifs using a small brush. She makes it a point to buy expensive, good quality paint so her efforts can last for at least two years. In addition to brightening up houses, one of the highlights for Anežka - who works by instinct - is to adorn the village chapel with touch-ups every year. She has even been spotted climbing up scaffolding or ladders when needed.

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