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Core Direction: A Health And Fitness Game Changer

Sometimes we start a gym membership with the best intentions in mind, but those traditional gym contracts are often impractical. The great news is Core Direction is here for those who are looking for a flexible way to get in all kinds of exercise, banishing excuses and boredom! Founder Cliff Tindell explains how Core Direction gives you access to numerous specialised facilities and workout styles as well as health and wellness benefits.


By allowing members to have access to different facilities and workout methods, Core Direction is essentially a one-stop solution to anyone interested in staying fit. Is the idea the first of its kind in the region?
Similar concepts exist in giving access to varied facilities with restrictions in number of visits per month. Core Direction is the only platform that allows unlimited access to facilities and the only app targeted at incentivising corporate wellness and encouraging companies to help their employees create a fitness regime and promote fitness, health and wellness.

Members can effectively choose what they’re in the mood for on any given day, from yoga
to cross fit boxes and group exercise studios by going to any of the partner facilities. That’s so encouraging for people who get easily bored or like various workouts and classes.

The choice to change activities, locations or brands is restricted to every 30 days. This encourages routine and building habit to encourage results. This does mean unlimited access to the chosen facility, location or brand. Users wishing to mix it up can redeem one of their 12 FREE guest passes provided at the start of their membership, redeemable in any Core Direction partner facility.


It’s also very convenient, you can choose one of the health and fitness facilities, depending on where you are. The mobile app and online platform make it even easier. Can you tell us a bit about those?
One of the app’s key features is its built in sophisticated search engine. You can search facilities based on activity offering, pricing, name, city, distance parameters and map with pins, view the facilities details and access their website. You can in theory search for a yoga facility under 500Dhs per month located within 10km of your home. This function is standard regardless of purchasing a membership and makes it a worthwhile download.

Dance Aerobics

You have united with over 27 fitness facility brands. What were some of the most important factors when it came to deciding which ones you wanted to link together?
We now have over 50 locations in Dubai alone and it’s growing every day. Abu Dhabi will be launched within the next month. We have everyone on board. Different activities, locations, price points and service levels. There is something for everyone. We separate facilities on price as this is the only fixed standard. Some people want 7 star and others want dirty and grungy… If you don’t like your choice, you simply change the following month.

So what can members expect when they visit one of your partner facilities?
You can be expected to be treated like any other member of your selected facility, but have the ability to leave or stay depending on your experience. There aren’t any joining or admin fees, and you have the opportunity to pay for what you want at the time that you need it…. Flexibility is freedom, we want our members to be fit and free.

Swing Yoga

Core Direction’s main goal is promoting an active lifestyle. How do you suggest people fit in exercise and relaxation during the busy and stressful holiday period?
We’ve never suggested extreme fitness is the way to go. We want to inspire movement and by providing a platform that gives access to so much variety, we have done exactly that. Use the app to its full potential. Start with a month of yoga to get those stress levels down, move to a gym to get rid of some body fat, join a crossfit box to test your athletic potential, jump into a MMA facility to prepare for a trip to Johannesburg and then join a surf club to take advantage of surf season when the swell is up!

Will you be opening anywhere else in the region?
We launch in Abu Dhabi this month and should be in 10 major cities worldwide by January 2016. This means you get to keep fit on holiday or when you have to travel for business with the international fitness membership. Exciting times are ahead.

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