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Have Some Faith in Hollywood’s First Plus-Sized Superhero

Faith Herbert

Move over, Superman! Shuffle along, Batman! Make way for Faith Herbert, Hollywood’s first plus-size female superhero. With her telekinetic powers and ability to glide like a bird, this Valiant Comics character will feature in her very own movie, entitled, Faith, produced by Sony Entertainment.

Not only that, the script is written by another female, writer Maria Melnik making the movie a female force to be reckoned with as it is about a woman, co-created by a woman and written by a woman!

Following a breakthrough of phenomenal female superheroes like Ms Marvel and Wonder Woman, we will now come across a rather relatable character in Faith Herbert and here’s what you need to know about her.

She’s a robust fan of all things related to pop-culture who happens to develop telekinetic powers, which make her a superhero. Faith is also a plus-size woman, and while she may not be the athletic Amazonian type of female superhero we are used to seeing, she is by far the most relevant to real women as statistics have shown that 67% of women identify as being plus-sized.

Writer of the comic series, Jody Houser says of her character, “I’ve been hearing from women who are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who have been reading comics for decades who have never seen a woman on the cover of a comic that looks like them, and I think that makes people feel like they’re welcome, and that this medium is for them, when maybe they’ve always loved comics but they haven’t felt welcome before.”

Also known as Zephyr, Faith’s character was first introduced in the very first issue of a comic book series about a group of outcast teens with superpowers, as a young girl who had been orphaned but goes on as an adult to use her super powers to fly and levitate objects around her whilst protecting Los Angeles – all while working as a reporter.

We have total faith in what’s to come in her eponymous movie.

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