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Female Lifeguards Set To Be Stationed at Dubai’s Beaches

The UAE is surrounded by some amazing beaches, and Dubai is the perfect holiday destination for many, as well as those who already reside in the city and have access to the sand and sea just minutes from their homes.

Thousands of holiday makers head to Dubai’s beaches every year, particularly in the winter months when the maximum temperature hits around 30degrees and keeping them safe isn’t always easy. Lifeguards are always seen to be present at every beach – but usually they’re all men.

Now, Dubai’s Police General Department for Community Happiness has collaborated with Dubai Municipality to launch a new beach safety campaign. 12 female lifeguards are now being trained to respond effectively to emergencies and the number of women now taking on these positions is likely to increase by the end of 2018.

In conjunction with saving people from drowning, the beach safety campaign is set to reduce cases of theft and put a stop to anti-social behavior like harassment of visitors to the beach.

Dubai Municipality is also reported to be establishing the first set of marine ambulances that will be based at eight points along the coast of Dubai to respond to medical crises.

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