5 Pieces of Arab and Islamic Art That Were Sold For Millions

Often, when we think about invaluable pieces of art, artists like Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Salvador Dali come to mind. These artists are no longer living, but their work is alive and recognized across the world and has been for as long as the art industry has been around. However, Arab and Islamic art has also existed for centuries and has been pushing its way into the art market and is quickly becoming rather sought-after.

These are 5 of the most expensive pieces of Arabian and Islamic art ever to be sold.

Construction of the Suez Canal – Abdel Hadi El Gazzar

Egyptian painter, Abdel Hadi El Gazzar’s “Construction of the Suez Canal” was painted in 1965. Sold for $1.2million in 2014, El Gazzar is becoming the most iconic Egyptian artists to have lived since 1945.

Like many great artists, Abdel Gazzar died young, at the age of 40 in 1966.

Tchaar-Baagh – Charles Hossein Zenderoudi

Born in Tehran, Iran on March 11, 1937, Charles Hossein Zenderoudi attended the Fine Art College of University of Tehran in the 1950s to study painting and calligraphy.

The Iranian artist and sculptor painted Tchaar Bagh in 1981, which was sold at Christie’s in 2008 for a whopping $1.6million.

The Rukh Carries Amir Hamza to his Home – Hamzanama

Created in the Mughal era, in the 16th century, “The Rukh Carries Amir Hamza to his Home” is from an Islamic illustration from a series titled “Hamzanama” (The Adventures of Hamza).

According to the story, Amir Hamza was an uncle of the Prophet Muhammed and this particular painting is one of the few that was in a sellable condition. It raked in $1.14million and could have sold for more had it been preserved better.

The Whirling Dervishes – Mahmoud Said

One of the most expensive Arab paintings in the world, “The Whirling Dervishes” is the work of an Egyptian artists who goes by the name of Mahmoud Said and was created in 1929.

In 2010, the piece of art sold for an incredible $2.4million at Christie’s auction house.

Break of the Atom and Vegetal Life – Princess Fahr El-Nissa Zeid

The original estimated selling price of this painting was originally between $3-4million, but sold for a record breaking $2.74million instead. Painted in 1962 by Turkish-Jordanian artist and Princess Fahr El-Nissa Zeid, “Break of the Atom and Vegetal Life” is the most expensive painting by an Arab to be sold.

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