The Three Saudi Women in Positions Appointed By Royal Decree

The last year has been a time of development and monumental changes in Saudi Arabia – especially when it comes to women’s rights.

Dr. Tamader Al-Rammah

It’s not very well known to the world that many Saudi Arabian women are making global waves in their positions in medicine, finance, politics and much more. From being appointed in top positons within large companies, being allowed the ability to join the Saudi army, driving and partaking in sport publicly, Saudi Arabian women are slowly gaining confidence and recognition for their intelligence and work ethics as well as their rights.

Earlier this year, 3 Saudi women were appointed by royal decree in top leading roles by King Salman himself making them perhaps some of the most powerful women in the kingdom.

Dr. Tamader Al-Rammah
Dr. Al-Rammah is the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Development. Holding a PhD in Radiology and Medical Engineering from the University of Manchester's School of Medicine, she was previously Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs for Saudization.

Al Rammah is the first woman to hold the post. However, the first woman to be appointed the role of a deputy minister in Saudi’s cabinet was Norah bint Abdallah Al Faiz, who became deputy minister of education and in charge of women’s affairs in 2009.

Professor Kawther Al-Arbash

Kawther Al-Arbash

Professor Kawther bint Mousa Al-Arbash was appointed a member of the Board of Trustees of the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue.

She has a BA in Business Administration from King Faisal University and was a member of the Shura Council which is the formal advisory body of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Ghada Bint Ghunaim Al-Ghunaim

Ghada Al-Ghunaim

Similarly to Professor Kawther, Dr. Ghada Bint Ghunaim Al-Ghunaim has also been named as a member of the Board of Trustees of King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue.

Having studied in America, she holds a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Solutions from the University of South-East Nova.

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