Dad Creates Amazing Lunch Bag Art For His Shy Son

Every parent knows how difficult it can be for children to deal with school during the first few years, especially if your child is shy. And it is even more challenging to help your children overcome shyness when you cannot be there at school with them.

One ingenious father in California, USA, however, has found a way to help his son break the ice at school. Dominick has spent the last 4 years drawing on his son’s brown paper lunch bags, decorating more than 550 bags so far.

The creative parent noticed his son’s shyness when meeting new students during extra-curricular classes and summer activities. That is when the idea of art on lunch bags was born.

Using paints, markers, and/or colored pencils, each piece takes him up to an hour to complete. Dominick draws everything and anything, from superheroes, to animals, to sports figures, to even real-life figures, depending on what was being taught in school that week or on current events.

“I started doing these art pieces on his brown bagged lunches to help break the ice, and get conversations going. It worked! Kids would come up to him and ask him about the artwork, and if the lunch art was some superhero, they’d have a conversation about the newest Marvel movie. Or if it was an animal, they’d start talking about what animals were the coolest or roughest.”

To see some of Dominick’s fantastic hand-drawn creations, check out his Instagram page: www.instagram.com/domnx_art/ 

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