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Essentials for Summer: How To Get the Makeup No Makeup Look

Summers here are hot, and as much as we love our glam looks, sometimes less is more. The Makeup No Makeup look is one of the best trends to ever grace the pages of our social media platforms. Here are the steps you need to achieve this look with some of our favorite products.

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The Base: Tinted sunscreen or lightweight foundation

To get that glass skin look, tinted sunscreen or moisturizer is always the best options. What we love to do is use one with a slight glow like The Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter or the Glotion by L’Oréal. Huda Beauty also has recently come out with a product that was considered online as the dupe for the CT Flawless Filter. This lightweight coverage is perfect for summer and will always give you a dewy finish. For all those who can’t buy the elf halo glow in their country  #charlottetilbury #flawlessfilter #elfhaloglowliquidfilter #hudabeauty original sound - Architectural Digest
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Correction: Concealer / Contouring

We’ve got the base covered, next up we target the blemishes. This is for any red marks, acene scars, dark circles you may have. In this step you can apply as much as you need because we are only spot correcting here. Just make sure it matches your skin tone perfectly. We recommend the Shape Tarte concealer or the NYX Bare With Me.

@eviltwinn1 Whats is in this?! #nyx #concealer original sound - Eviltwinn
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Add Some Life: Blush

Our base looks flawless, our eyes look bright, now you need to add some color to your face. For this step, we always recommend a cream blush, the Milk or Nars ones are excellent. Make sure you don’t add a lot, so that it stays natural.

@littlemixico It’s also perfect for traveling and on-the-go cause it’s so tiny thanks @milkmakeup #milkmakeup Crush - Yuna
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Lifting & Definition: Brow Gel

Brow gel always foes the trick to make the face a little bit more put together. If you have light eyebrows, you can opt for a subtle shade that reflects your color, but our favorite will always be a clear brow gel. And of course, it’s iconic the Benefit Cosmetics one, what else would we use? Here you can also choose to add a clear mascara, or a light one if you wish to add a bit more definition to the eyes.

@slaybyjess How to get the laminated brow look with just brow gel! #browhack#eyebrowtutorial#simplemakeup#browgel#browroutine Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show
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Lip Tint

Finally the perfect makeup no makeup look is achieved with a little color on the lips. Avoid heavy matte lipsticks, and instead go for lip tints and colored lip balms. Our favorites are from the water lip stain from Clarins, or the lip stain from Fenty Beauty.

@priyaasidhuu My new everyday lip @Clarins Official Take You There - Sean Kingston

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