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MBS Has Renamed 2 Riyadh Neighborhoods In Honor Of His Father, King Salman

In a move to honor the leadership of King Salman in Riyadh, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the renaming of two neighborhoods in the capital city. The “Al-Waha” and “Salah Al-Din” neighborhoods have been renamed as the “King Salman Neighborhood,” as part of the developmental and environmental efforts of the Crown Prince to upgrade the city of Riyadh and place it on the world map as a leading economic and tourism capital in accordance with Vision 2030.

This project comes as part of the efforts to stimulate population and economic growth, with the area being redeveloped to include improved basic services and recreational activities. The King Salman Neighborhood, located in the heart of Riyadh and adjacent to King Salman Park, will feature Salmani architecture, which represents tradition and modernity, in an area spanning 6.6 square kilometers.

According to the Saudi state agency SPA, the renaming of the neighborhoods was made to honor King Salman's five-decade-long provincial leadership of Riyadh. This move pays “tribute to the exceptional leadership of the King, who has played an instrumental role in the development of the city.”

The development of the King Salman Neighborhood will provide a significant boost to the economy, as well as enhance the standard of living for the people of Riyadh. The project also aligns with the Crown Prince's vision of creating sustainable and modern communities that prioritize the well-being of the citizens.

In addition to the renaming of the two neighborhoods, the Crown Prince has overseen developmental and environmental initiatives in the city of Riyadh, aimed at positioning it as a leading economic and tourism hub in the region. The city has undergone significant transformation in recent years, with a renewed focus on sustainability, modernization, and community development.

The renaming of the two neighborhoods is a testament to the Crown Prince's commitment to honoring the legacy of his father and promoting the growth and development of Riyadh.

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