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Saudi Launches ANT Program To Boost Literary Skills

Saudi’s Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission, operating under the Ministry of Culture, has unveiled a new training program aimed at improving the skills of Saudi citizens in creative writing and professional translation. The initiative, entitled “ANT,” derived from the first letters of the three Arabic words for literature, publishing, and translation, has been developed to cultivate a stronger cultural awareness among its participants, including writers, authors, publishers, and translators.

The ANT program will offer courses from 14th May to 22nd June 2023, providing applicants with a chance to exchange experiences with specialists and experts across an array of disciplines including literary writing, technical translation, publishing, and printing. The training courses will be held by professional trainers and experts in the field, offering a platform for growth and the exchange of ideas.

ANT provides five diverse packages on topics including literary criticism and philosophy, publishing, creative writing, literature for both children and adults, as well as translation. Fees for the program range from SR500 ($133) to SR850 ($226), with participants granted certificates upon completion of the course.

The commission's ultimate goal is to empower citizens and young talent by providing them with the tools to develop and enhance their skills, resulting in a more competitive workforce in the fields of literature, publishing, and translation. This is in line with the Ministry of Culture’s wider strategy, which seeks to bolster and enrich the cultural scene in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission offers a range of other vocational training programs aimed at accrediting and qualifying trainers in the field. This move showcases Saudi Arabia's commitment to fostering a thriving literary scene, which has already witnessed high levels of interest in recent years, with a growing number of young writers and creatives seeking to make a name for themselves.

The ANT program is a significant development in Saudi Arabia's literary and cultural landscape, offering invaluable opportunities for young writers and translators to hone their skills and collaborate with experts in their fields. The training initiative marks a significant milestone in the country's journey towards developing a rich and vibrant literary scene that can inspire generations to come.

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