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Five Saudi Fashion Designers to Watch

Photo Credit - Sohamt Collection

Saudi women know fashion. It is no wonder Saudi female fashion designers are rising to the top of the fashion world. Here are five Saudi designers that you should keep on your radar this season.

Razan Alazzouni

If you are looking for an uber feminine look, look no further than Razan Alazzouni. Razan believes that fashion is a way for us to express ourselves and the main inspirations for her clothes have been art and nature. Razan loves to replicate what she sees around her in her designs and she has created a delicate look with a combination of embroidery and fabric. The talented designer definitely felt she had to prove herself more than an American or European fashion designer would have to because she grew up in the Kingdom, but that was also a strong motivational point for her too.

Sadeem Alshehail

Sadeem by Saudi fashion designer Sadeem Alshehail is a Pret-a-Couture brand. Clothes made by Sadeem are luxurious in feel and timeless in looks. Not just a high-end fashion brand, Sadeem is also environmentally friendly, with many of the fabrics she uses being non-toxic and sourced from companies that use sustainable practices. A quote from Sadeem that sums up her brand is: “When you say ‘ethical fashion’, you think dye-prints and hemp fabrics. I want to make luxury ethical”.

Renad Hefni

Not only is Renad a talented fashion designer with her brand ‘Royaled’, she is also an advocate for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, hoping that her fashion can empower women to aim for a stronger future. The name of her brand – Royaled- plays on the word ‘royal’ because Renad aims to design all her clothes in a way in which women will look like queens. Renad likes to aim her clothes to online shoppers as she as seen the boom in online shopping in the last decade.

Safiah Alaquil
Safiah is a Saudi Argentine so she has been exposed to a lot of cultures while growing up. Born in the Kingdom and then studying in Argentina and California, Safiah is now living back in Jeddah. Her clothing brand, Badawiah, is inspired from cultures and traditions from different countries. Badawiah is also about allowing Saudi women to express themselves but also maintaining traditional culture and style.

Mashael Al Rajhi

Mashael is the brain child behind label MASHAEL ALRAJHI – a style of cultural authenticity and modernism mixed together. Her love of fashion started at an early age which was her main motivation for starting her label. Her Spring 2017 collection was all about Edwardian-style shirts and bubble skirts with both strong masculine and feminine undertones. Mashael’s goal has been for her label to go global and she hopes to have established the fashion house in multiple key areas of fashion.

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