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DJ R3hab Has Just Shot A New Music Video In Al Ula That Has Left Him In Awe

Dutch-Moroccan DJ R3hab has expressed his admiration for the natural beauty of AlUla, Saudi Arabia, after filming a video there with global pop group Now United. The DJ, whose real name is Fadil El Ghoul, visited the historic city on holiday and found it to be “so different from what you usually see”. He praised the “cool” natural landscape for filming videos, and said that it was more unique and interesting than other typical video locations like the beach or a club.

Now United, a social media sensation with 18 singers and dancers from 18 different countries, joined R3hab to film their upbeat choreography against the stunning backdrop of AlUla’s rock formations and lush oases. The video for their song “Run Till Dark” was released on March 10 and showcases the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage site in Madinah province.

R3hab was impressed with the professionalism and creativity of the local crew in Saudi Arabia, and expressed his happiness that both he and Now United have strong fan bases in the region. He believes that the Middle East is often overlooked in the global music industry and hopes that his collaboration with Now United will help to change that perception.

Al Ula is one of the oldest cities in the Arabian Peninsula and is known for its well-preserved remains from the Nabataean period. The city has been attracting more attention from tourists and artists in recent years, as Saudi Arabia continues to develop its cultural sector and promote its unique heritage sites. R3hab’s glowing review of Al Ula’s natural beauty will likely inspire more artists and filmmakers to consider the site for their future projects.

The video for “Run Till Dark” showcases not only the beauty of Al Ula’s landscape but also the cultural richness of the region, as Now United members wear traditional clothing and move through the city’s historic streets. The collaboration between R3hab and Now United is a celebration of cultural diversity and a testament to the power of music to bring people from different backgrounds together.

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