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5 Cool Things You Can Do In Jeddah This Weekend

Food, shopping, beaches, entertainment, Jeddah is the place to be in Saudi Arabia, and this weekend it’s a packed schedule! We’ve got something set up for all tastes whether you want to party or just chill with your friends. Let’s get to it!

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Catch A Sunset x Music Session

The beautiful Jeddah coasts, stunning design, renowned Greek hospitality, a house music DJ; Oía Beach Resort is where it’s at this weekend. Every Friday they have this event where you will truly feel transported to a party on the Mediterranean. They usually sell out, so book your tables as soon as you can!

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Meet Up With Friends At GoodHood

Only the coolest coffee shop in Jeddah, Goodhood has good coffee and good people. The vibes are immaculate at their fun and colorful shop, and you can get your books, your games, and your favorite people for nice Saturday afternoon coffee meet-up.

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Send Someone A Cool Gift

Valentine’s Day is coming up and yes, we think one of your to-dos this weekend is to make one of your loved ones smile. We’ve found this very cool flowers shop in Jeddah with fun branding and an interesting concept. “You Get Flowers Today” is their main tagline, and you get to choose what comes with the bouquet, whether it’s a small cake or a letter.

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Shop Some Cool, Niche Items

Jeddah is home to some really cool concept stores that sell fun items from homeware and accessories. One of our favorites is Makeen Space Boutique, which offers fashion brands, homeware, and even has a small drinks corner inside the store. It’s always an adventure when we head to Makeen, because of the diversity of the brands they house.

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Get Your Arts & Culture On

Hayy Jameel, Jeddah’s resident destination for all things art and culture, are featuring an exhitbiton titled, The Mountains Quiver in Anticipation’/ to explore the changes in Saudi Arabia from the social, cultural and personal to the urban and environmental.⁠

The artist is the brilliant Bashaer Hawsawi, and she explores this intriguing development and “ongoing change in the urban landscape of Jeddah, drawing on memories of her old home and its surrounding neighbourhoods.” It’s also free entrance!

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