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The First Episode of Saudi Idol Aired Yesterday

Here's what you need to know...

Long overdue, Saudi Idol is finally here and we’re cannot hold our excitement! The Saudi version of the international “Idol” show is the result of a partnership between Saudi Arabia’s general Entertainment Authority and the MBC Group.

The prominent jury includes Saudi Arabian singer Aseel Abu Bakr, Emirati singer Ahlam, Syrian singer Assala, and Iraqi-Saudi singer Majed Al Mohandis. With this star studded jury, we bet that the contestants cannot wait to get on those stages and let out their chords.

The show will be hosted by Rajeh Harithi, who will be known to history as the first presenter ever of Saudi idol.

It follows the same format of the auditions in front of the 4 jurors, which later on lead to the competition on stages with the semi-finals and finals following. This show comes as an effort to highlight and showcase the incredible talent in Saudi Arabia to the international world. And amazing talent it was!

The round of auditions aired yesterday, and absolutely everyone was tuned in to check out the talent. A young man from Jazan managed to make the jurors stand (even Ahlam!), as he blew them away with his spectacular voice.

The contestants didn’t only bring their amazing talent, but they also brought their strengths and resilience as this contestant nearly brought us to tears. Bushra Al Hamoud struggled with paraplegia, recovered from it, and has now fulfilled her dreams of auditioning and singing on stage.

Rawya Ahmad, a contestant hailing from Jeddah, started with the sweet talk as she complimented the jurors before she began her audition. Do you think it worked?

And of course, the compliments were running both ways as Ahlam compared one of the contestants voices to the sweetness of a date.

One of our favorite was Munira Al Ali, where she absolutely wowed the judges with her voice. Assala was immediately charmed by the contestant, and rooted for her all the way.

We are very excited for the upcoming episodes as we get to meet more contestants. 

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