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6 Events To Look Forward To in 2023 In Saudi Arabia

This year has witnessed a comeback for many global events all over, as the world recovers from the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic. Milan Design Week for example came back this year with big renowned names on their roll, including Hermes, Dior, and more. In Saudi Arabia, it’s no different as we’re wrapping up an exciting year that has been full of events, festivals, concerts, and more.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been throwing world-scale events that vary from entertainment, gastronomy, music, fashion, luxury, and art in an effort to boost local and international tourism.

If you thought this year was big, wait till you see what 2023 has for us:

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Andy Warhol Exhibition

Dates: 17th of February 2023 until the 16th of May 2023
An exhibition will be showing some of the acclaimed artists’ best works including celebrities, A-listers, and other reinterpretations of Renaissance pieces.

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Ancient Kingdoms Festival

Date: November 2023 (exact dates are yet to be set)
This 10-day festival will feature the notable tales of Tayma, Khaybar, and Al Ula through a first-time experience of history all manifested through unparalleled storytelling.

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Alula Catwalk

Dates: 9th of February until the 12th of February
This will be an exciting weekend of fashion, art, design, and music all inspired by the majestic animal, the Arabian Leopard.

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Azimuth Music Festival

Dates: September 2023
This festival was something the kingdom has never seen before, and it will be back next year with the same outstanding DJ performances.

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Islamic Arts Biennale

Dates: 23rd of January until the 23rd of April 2023
Titled “Awal Bayt”, this event will be the first ever of its kind in the kingdom giving visitors an exceptional experience of arts and culture. It will be held at the Hajj terminal in Jeddah and will show how the Kaabah and the Prophet’s Mosque are symbols of belonging to Muslims worldwide.

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Alula Arts Festival

Dates: 13th of February until the 28th of February
Come to see and come to learn! This event will have a mixture of workshops, exhibition, and immersive artistic experiences where you will be introduced to a whole new world.

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