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Check Out How This Saudi Creative Fuses Metal Music, Art, and Business Together

Narees Akbar is a Saudi Arabian creative who is also an illustrator and metal music enthusiast. How do the two latter things relate you ask? Well Akbar found a way to create art by fusing her many talent to a point where her designs have found their way to fame.

The first thing you’ll notice in Akbar’s work is that she likes to utilize symmetrical designs freehand. Her whole art ethic is based on creating piece without using and sort of orientation or reference. The style is quite grungy and edgy, and when you look closer you’ll be able to catch all the tiny details put into it.

While speaking to Arab news, Akbar told the story of how she began her journey as an artist, “I started doing these designs for fun in my early 20s, and they developed in the last couple of years. That’s when I started getting commissions for my work.”

The interesting thing is that most of her clients actually user her designs as tattoos, while other like local Saudi metal bands have asked for branding identities with her designs such as logos. These bands include Doomster, Corvidac, Ortoraton, Entropia, and Metarust.

Explaining more about her process, she talks about the time it takes to create thin, fine lined art, which lends itself to a trial and error process, with sketching first on a paper and then converting the design to digital.

“I begin by asking the clients if they have a particular style in mind and, depending on their response, I create a few preliminary sketches on paper. Once they decide, I switch to digital design and keep them updated throughout the process. It typically takes four to seven business days, depending on the complexity of the logo,” she states to Arab News.

With her business, the Dammam-based artists aspires to be a well-known logo creator in the kingdom and hopes to have her clothing line one day. With an online business for now, we definitely see Narees Akbar’s designs plastered everywhere at a rock metal festival one day! 

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