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5 Regional Films That We Are Watching At The UAE’s CineMAS Festival

Abu Dhabi’s CineMAS film festival is under way! In its third year, there is an exciting line up of movies on our watch lists that will be shown at Manarat Al-Saadiyat island from June 6th – 12th June. Already underway, we’re checking off these 5 films on our must watch list…

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Before the Dying of the Light

All about the bohemia, this documentary by director Ali Essafi, pays tribute to Morocco’s art scene in the 1970s, through the eyes of the artists of the time.

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Beirut, the Encounter

Borhane Alaouié’s 1982 film, “Beirut, The Encounter,” conveys the journey of a man and woman during the Lebanese civil war. The late filmmaker explores how the couple overcome adversity and tough challenges just to be able to see each other for the last time.

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An Evening with Laila

“An Evening With Laila” is a documentary by Kuwaiti filmmaker Haya Alghanim that tells the story of Laila Abdulaziz. Abdulaziz was a pioneer in the world of music in the Gulf region and was revered for her vision of the future of music – but at the time, neither she, nor the world was ready for it.

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“Souad” is a film by Egyptian filmmaker Ayten Amin. The film explores topics around how social media impacts the lives of young girls approaching adulthood – their inspirations, what they view, and who they aspire to be.

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Kamilia Andini is an Indonesian film director and her film, “Yuni,” depicts the, rather common, story of a teenage girl who dreams of studying and carving a life for herself - but is pressured into getting married by her family.

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