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The Female-Led Emirati Candle Brand To Get Behind

19 year old economics student, currently obtaining her degree at the University of Birmingham, Alyazi Almheiri has founded her own brand of scented candles that are all about the Emirati culture. Originally from Dubai, Almheiri is inspired by her grandmother, who was a perfumer in the 80s, and is using her candles to bring together Emirati bukhoor scents- with a modern edge. “I wanted the world to know Emirati scents from its people,” she said in a statement.

Entitled, From The Arabs, the brand first debuted in the market at Dubai Design Week Marketplace in 2020, and the founder’s goal is to showcase her culture and heritage in a modern way. She said, “It’s all about culture. When you learn about us, you learn about Emirati culture, each scent pays homage to our heritage.” Her scents are well researched and include the likes of Fil, which is derived from the Arabian jasmine flower – often synonymous with wedding celebrations, and L’ban, which comes from Arabic gum and used in traditional homes.

The candles are packaged in clay water pots, a matka, or matla, as clay is an important part of the Emirati cooking process, as are terracotta water jugs. From The Arabs produces each product in-house from locally sourced raw materials, including the clay pots which are produced in their own production facility in Fujairah.

Moreover, the brand ethos is all about sustainability as the clay pots are reusable, the materials are ethically sourced, and all of the packaging is recyclable. “We believe in the long term,” says Alyazi Almheiri.

Of course, this label’s collection wouldn’t be complete without a dedication to the Holy Month of Ramadan, and this year its inspired by Emirati coastal heritage. Not only is Almheiri serving the local market, she has ambitions to sell her products all over the world, offering an insight into the label’s roots, as she adds, “Our goal is to diffuse Emirati flavors into modern perfumery around the world, expanding From The Arabs to the global market, simultaneously spreading local culture.” 

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