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Here’s What You Will Be Wearing To The 2022 Saudi Cup

The Saudi Cup is one of the most talked about upcoming events – and if you’re attending, you might want to note down some of the rules for dressing…

Illustration by Norah Sahman

Taking place on 25th-26th February 2022, the 2022 Saudi Cup will see some of the fastest horses in the world competing in Saudi Arabia for a hefty £26 million prize. Not only will the event be action packed and entertaining, guests will also see the kingdom’s cultural and equestrian heritage being presented with much pride.

So the question still remains, what are we wearing?
In the past, those attending have opted to wear traditional clothing by local designers – and this year the dress code will be no different. Listed on the website, the dress code requires guests to be in modest attire in general – but this time around, women are not required to cover their heads, but it is still advised that a full length garment must be worn, and arms must also be covered. Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture’s Fashion Commission is encouraging all guests to celebrate the Saudi culture by wearing outfits inspired by the local culture.

In celebration of the event and its dress code, illustrator Norah Sahman, and Saudi heritage fashion expert Dr Laiba Albassam. Sahman have taken to Instagram to share information about the exciting forthcoming equestrian sporting event. In a statement on social media, she said, “It was a great honor to create the illustrations that inspired the Saudi Cup dress code, commissioned by the Fashion Commission at the Ministry of Culture @mocsaudi to highlight Saudi heritage fashion. Creatively I’ve long been inspired by Saudi heritage fashion pieces and love to take the time to document our culture through drawings. As I am inspired by Saudi’s rich fashion culture, I hope you are too!”

All you have to do is follow @norahsahman for all the information and keep following for an insight into what people will be wearing at the 2022 Saudi Cup… 

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