A New Virtual Space Seeks To Boost the Middle East’s Thriving Entrepreneurial Scene

Starting a new business can be challenging to say the least, but with this site that’s dedicated to discover, promote and support entrepreneurs in the region, help is thankfully at hand.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur or small business owner looking to network with investors in the Middle East, the staff at www.StartupSceneME.com is on a mission to boost your prospects. As well as being an educational tool, the dynamic stand-alone site is a virtual space where entrepreneurs, investors, tech geeks and innovators can stay connected, garner information and spark conversations. By doing so, the one-stop hub, which is part of the MO4 Network family, aims to uncover and support the Middle East's nascent entrepreneurial scene.

“This is not just about business. We’re telling the other story of the Middle East; the story of young, valiant, relentless entrepreneurs taking it upon themselves to drive innovation and socio-economic change. This is the most exciting moment to showcase the entrepreneurial passion thriving in the MENA region,” Valentina Primo, Editor-in-Chief of “Startup Scene ME,” said.

MO4 Network, a leading creative and media agency in the region, is behind successes like CairoZoom.com and CairoScene.com, with the latter featuring startup stories, entrepreneur interviews and active participation in the regional eco-system. And as a spin-off, “Startup Scene ME” builds up on the success of the original platform in tracking and boosting startups, innovators and business opportunities across the Arab region. In effect, the digital publication offers a more focused look at the booming, regional startup sector and wants to tell the stories of the Middle East’s fiercest entrepreneurs. What’s more, “Startup Scene ME” is set on enabling investors and entrepreneurs to connect via exciting monthly networking events.

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