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5 Speakers Attending Dubai’s TEDxAlQuoz

If its motivation, inspiration and aspiration you’re looking for, then we’ve got just the cure for you.

TEDxAlQuoz will be hosting its first ever event this month. Taking place on October 23rd, UAE based speakers and international performers will be taking to the stage to inspire and engage your minds.

From talks about how to better the environment and preserving nature to discussing beauty standards, these are the 5 speakers whose ideas and stories we’re looking forward to hearing…

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Waleed Shah

Waleed Shah is a UAE-based, award-winning photographer who challenges beauty ideals through his body of work. He photographs his own series titled “Rock Your Ugly – A middle finger to toxic beauty standards”, which explores the intersection between physical and mental health through a series of portraits and stories. The series is now a globally published book. Shah’s talk, entitled “Toxic Beauty Standards” will explore how challenging society’s norms can free people from the “pressure to fit in.” 

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Amanda Rushforth

Amanda Rushforth is a Dubai-based sustainability advocate, and her talk at TEDxAlQuoz may be one of the most thought provoking about how some of the simplest everyday items could be harming the planet. Her talk will discuss the consequences of plastic pollution and how people can live a plastic-free lifestyle.

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Dareen Barbar

Dareen Barbar is a Guinness World Record breaker, and a true inspiration as someone who strived to attain her goals against all odds. She will tell her personal story – as a basketball player who lost her leg to cancer at the age of 15, and about how disability can actually be an “extraordinary ability” – she is living proof.  

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Allaoua Gaham

From a career in the corporate world Allaoua Gaham changed his life and career to pursue and cause a ripple effect in the realm of yoga and health. The yoga instructor and martial arts expert will take to the stage at TEDxAlQuoz to explain how fear can negatively impact not only the mind, but also the body. He will discuss how to take on fear and its impacts to make them your strongest allies.

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Josh McCartney

Using your mind as one of your greatest assets is sometimes hard with so much going on around us and it becomes difficult to remember things, which is why you should be attending Josh McCartney’s Ted Talk. McCartney is an experienced memory coach who helps people to learn and remember information in fractions of their time and boost cognitive abilities. In his talk, he will share the main principles to help people develop a mega memory.

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